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Spin-Off Churches Session I

Dr. Tom Cheyney talks about how a church successfully plants another. 

Spin-Off Churches Session II

Dr. Rodney Harrison talks about becoming a sending church. 

Spin-Off Churches Session III


Dr. Rodney Harrison talks about the joys of parenting new churches. 

Spin-Off Churches Session IV


Dr. Clayton Cloer, pastor of First Baptist Church of Central Florida shares his vision 20/20 goals of planting new churches in Central Florida.

Spin-Off Churches Session V

Dr. Rodney Harrison talks about being a bi-vocational church planter.

Are You a Church Planter?

church planter online assessment tool

Before participating in the NAMB Send Network church planter assessment, prospective church planters should take the core values based Church Planter Top Performer Profile Assessment at www.PlanterAssessment.com. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the Core Values Index online. You will receive immediate feedback as well as a comprehensive report within seven days.