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Our Name
RENOVATE means to: “restore life, vigor, or activity.” We seek to revitalize and grow the church within the Western Hemisphere through the development of a new spirit towards revitalization and renewal. That is the core of what we seek to do (our mission).

Our Mission
RENOVATE seeks to influence, train, and equip, a group of church revitalizers that multiplies rapidly across the west with effective principles, ideas and solutions for the enhanced reproduction of church renewal in America.

Our Vision
To see an ever-magnifying number of church revitalizers working across multi-denominational fields for the revitalization and renewal of plateaued and declining churches.

We seek to assist the local church in becoming fully restored and actively bold in its ongoing witness for Jesus Christ! Ours is a ministry of coming alongside of the local church and help accelerate the restoration necessary to revitalize the church. RENOVATE is not in competition with the church, but a vessel to assist the church through renewal and revitalization.

Church Growth
We seek to assist the local church in the redesigning of its ministry structures in order to begin to bounce back into a healthy vitality and visual activity of church growth. With so many churches seeing members and prospect fall away from their fellowship, now is the time to confront the issues inhabiting the New Testament church from growth. Renewed influence in ones community takes a radical overhaul of how the church does ministry.

We seek to work together for the cause of Christ is much greater than our own desires within the local church. Collaboration allows the best practices of revitalization to be assimilated within the Christian community for the expansion of the Kingdom. All of us are better than one of us and RENOVATE seeks to draw key revitalization practioners together with life long learners to work synergistically in order that we achieve more.

We are seeking partners an association of partners that have:
· A willingness to work with other Kingdom partners in order to advance the cause of Church Revitalization and Renewal.
· Groups that desire to further Church Revitalization within their kingdom expressions.
· Organizations that display a caring concern and understanding of church revitalization.
· Partners that have a willingness to make a contribution and give wise counsel to the RENOVATE Coaching Network on how we can be more efficient at connecting with all forms of leaders needing assistance in revitalization and renewal.
· Associates which seek to continue the cause of revitalization and desire a platform for their efforts in church renewal.
· Alliances which are willing to display and list the RENOVATE Coaching Network visibly on their Website.
· In addition,we seek to provide a visual place on our RENOVATE web site for our partners to have a continuing affiliation with our followers, for the purpose of furthering the Kingdom through church revitalization and renewal.

For more information on becoming an alliance partner, contact us via email or call 407-293-0450, to discuss opportunities for getting involved in the RENOVATE Network and its cooperating members.

The Task of Church Revitalization & Renewal

(Part 1 of 6 in the Series)

The church in America is in big trouble – that’s what all the experts are saying. The church has been in a serious decline for a long time. Scholars cannot even agree upon when the decline began, but Southern Baptist Churches have experienced a steady decline in baptismal rates since 1956, its banner year. It has been sliding downhill since. In the last decade, Southern Baptist Churches have seen church membership decline by 10%, Sunday School decrease by 15%, baptisms drop over 30%, and the number of people joining Baptist churches plummet by nearly 50%!

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The Task of Church Revitalization
(part two of six in the series)

The church is like a sailboat, but sailboats are powerless. It has been said that without the wind, a sailboat can only claim the title of organized driftwood. They have no engine, no motor, and no oarsmen. The sailboat is completely dependent upon the wind, in fact, it is designed to harness the wind. The church is powerless without the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. The church was designed to catch the wind of revival. The upper room disciples felt the mighty rushing wind and in a matter of hours they changed the world.

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The Task of Church Revitalization
(part three of six in the series)

How do we begin the task of church revitalization? Let’s start by creating an environment or habitat for revitalization to happen. It takes some cultivation to produce a healthy garden, and it takes some careful cultivation and a healthy environment within the church to turn the church around. Even if the church is sick, weak, plateaued, or declining, it can have a healthy attitude going into a revitalization project.

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The Task of Church Revitalization
(part four of six in the series)

Not every leader can help a declining organization turnaround and thrive again. The business world has known this for quite some time. Businesses can go out, find these amazing leaders, and hire them away from other corporations. They can offer exorbitant salaries because leaders with these skills are well worth their investment! Of course the church cannot just hire its leaders like CEOs; leaders of the church are shepherds, called into ministry by God, gifted by the Holy Spirit, empowered with the authority of the Word of God, and called by a church to serve. A large percentage of the pastoral leadership in the church today has never had any training in revitalization leadership.

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The Task of Church Revitalization
(part five of six in the series)

The church revitalization process has several obstacles to overcome. These obstacles are scary to face and difficult to address. The first set of obstacles to overcome for a church is pride, selfishness, and self-deception. Gary McIntosh, in his book The Dark Side of Leadership, says that the very first human leadership failure was the result of these sins. These very sins led to the fall of man, which resulted in their separation from perfect fellowship with God. The same is true today. Our sins keep us from the fellowship with God that He intends. Our plateaued and declining churches have wonderful people in them who truly love God, but perhaps we have forgotten that the church is a missionary body that seeks the redemption of the lost at all costs. We should not delude ourselves any longer. With nearly 90% of our churches plateaued and declining, we must reject our pride, take ownership of our problems, and address our situations honestly and directly.

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The Task of Church Revitalization
(sixth and final article in the series)

The plateaued and declining church needs to do something. Church and denominational leaders need to do something. We have spent enough time ringing the bell, shouting that there is a hole in the boat. It’s time to fix the hole. The more I study the existing church, the more convinced I am that the people in the pews want to see their churches turn around too. There is some disagreement on what must happen, but I would say that most are ready for some positive change. Here is some sage advice: Click here to find out!