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How to Start I am Second Groups

Share your story. Start Groups. Reach the Rest.

Want to tell your story? Want to start an I Am Second group but don't know where to begin? Want to reach the rest of your community (or campus, family, neighborhood, or workplace) for Christ? No matter where you are, we're here to equip you to reach whoever God's called you to reach!

Introduction to I Am Second Groups lasts an hour and a half and will give you a chance to learn about I Am Second groups before committing to the entire training process. Regular calls for this are held on Monday nights at 8:00pm CST and Fridays at 12pm noon CST. The number to call is 712.432.0190 access code 500642#. Times don't work?  Email Shay at shay@iamsecond.com to setup a meeting time that works for you.

Learn to Start a Group training involves four sessions with an Ambassador either weekly or bi-weekly. You'll learn how to tell your story, start groups, lead with excellence and teach others the same.  Email Shay at shay@iamsecond.com and he'll work with you to find a time that works for you and a group.

Learn to Share Your Story training is the first lesson of Learn to Start a group training and is offered as a stand alone lesson. This training lasts two hours. 

Visit http://iamsecond.com/groups for access to all of training guides for free. For churches and ministries, this training is part of the partnership process. Learn more about partnering with us here: http://iamsecond.com/partnerwithus. Any other questions? Contact Shay at shay@iamsecond.coman

Planting Churches With I am Second Groups

Vince Manna talks about how to share Christ and plant churches with I Am Second at the GOBA Touch A Life conference.  The event was held at Delaney Street Baptist Church on April 2 2011.   For more information about I Am Second, visit www.iamsecond.com.

Are You a Church Planter?

church planter online assessment tool

Before participating in the NAMB Send Network church planter assessment, prospective church planters should take the core values based Church Planter Top Performer Profile Assessment at www.PlanterAssessment.com. It only takes 8 minutes to complete the Core Values Index online. You will receive immediate feedback as well as a comprehensive report within seven days.